About Us

Pristine Pavement was established in 1996, and the owner, Andrew Stanley, is a third generation paving contractor. For more than 20 years, Pristine Pavement has provided people in Maryland, Virginia, and the surrounding areas with exceptional customer service and superior products.

From the first time a customer contacts Pristine Pavement to the completion of the project, customers will talk directly with Andrew. He understands how important it is to provide customers with the high-quality, competitively-priced service and products they need. Andrew is reachable on his cell phone to answer questions as they arise for clients. He and his team go the extra mile, and it shows their integrity at every turn.

Our reputation as a premier paving contractor is driven by results!

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Pristine Pavement is state certified and licensed. We are MHIC certified contractors.
One call to us and customers quickly realize that we aren’t like the rest of the area’s paving contractors.

We know that each customer is unique. Most want a long-term solution. Others may only want a quick fix that will satisfy a homeowner’s association or to sell a home, the Pristine Paving Team believes that the only way to ensure each customer receives what he or she needs is through communication.  Andrew will make sure that he and his team completely understand what his customers want so his dedicated, family-run company can provide the products that will best suit each project.

If you’re ready to resurface a driveway in Maryland or invest in a totally new driveway or parking lot, look no further than Pristine Pavement LLC.

Protecting your pavement is what we’re here for.

100% Customer Satisfaction


Phone: (240) 316-2878
email: info@pristinepavement.com
Location: Frederick, MD

and surrounding areas